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Xtek, Inc.

Xtek, Inc., is a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of specialty goods for the steel and aluminum industries. Founded in 1909 as the Tool Steel Gear & Pinion Company, the company made wheels for trolley cars. Now, as Xtek, the company produces such things as large rollers, gears, pinions, and track wheels. Xtek has been employee-owned since 1985.

Xtek's staff of engineers, designers, metallurgists, service technicians, skilled machinists, heat treaters and office personnel solves problems for customers by designing and producing products that meet the needs of steel and aluminum rolling mills, mines, power plans, and food processing facilities.

Xtek has a competitive advantage over other companies in the field because it developed an exclusive method of treating parts that makes them tough, strong and longlasting. In the industry, these are qualities that customers demand in order to keep their plants and facilities working at maximum capacity. And should the unexpected occur, Xtek's service and reconditioning team can respond to emergency equipment breakdowns anytime of the day or night.

Once primarily a supplier to domestic companies, Xtek now sells its products to companies in more than 30 different countries.

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